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Finally - a lease which includes Comprehensive Insurance!

Posted on May 22, 2017

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Leasing a brand new car or van seems to be rapidly becoming the preferred method for using a vehicle amongst small businesses and consumers, with the BVRLA (British Vehicle Rental & Leasing Association) reporting a 14% increase in consumer demand alone in 2016.

There's likely to be several reasons for this - not only does the trend for the British consumer appear to be shifting from "owning" assets to more one of "user ship", but leasing provides users with the benefit of being able to use a brand new / often more prestigious vehicle without having to stump up a large sum of cash or having to worry about selling the vehicle in a few years time.

Plus, having the ability to include all routine servicing, maintenance, tyres and breakdown services means that users are able to fix the cost of motoring into a single monthly rental and then upgrade their car or van in a few years time. Great!

However, the traditional lease will normally exclude one important / mandatory additional variable cost - motor insurance - which almost always has to be taken out with a separate insurance company. Well not anymore - as Concept Vehicle Leasing are now able to offer Business and Personal Contract Hire to include insurance!

In association with Arval, Concept are able to provide a comprehensive lease agreement which includes:

  • Fixed Cost Service, Maintenance, Repairs and Tyres
  • Third Party Liability Cover
  • Own Damage Protection (Including Accident, Fire and Theft)
  • Total Loss Cover
  • Motor Insurance Database Updates
  • Glass Protection (Repair and Replacement)
  • Accident Management
  • Breakdown

Concept are able to include all of the above facilities in a single monthly rental which means that customers will no longer have to shop around for insurance quotes and in the event of an accident, there is a single point of contact ensuring you're back on the road as quickly as possible! This is all subject to meeting qualifying criteria, credit status and terms & conditions.

The only thing you'll need to do is "add fuel" - and if you're running a business, Concept now have a fuel card solution to help with this cost too!