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Can I get a lease with poor credit?

Concept Vehicle Leasing work in partnership with some of the most trusted UK banks and leasing companies to provide our customers with competitive pricing and exceptional service.

The lenders we work with all have varying criteria, usually based on affordabilityidentification, and credit history.  In order to provide finance responsibily, our lenders will search the files of Credit Reference Agencies to help them make a decision.

Personal Leasing

If you are aware of any poor / adverse credit history on your credit report, it's worth having a discussion with our Leasing Consultants before you submit an application.  A history of Credit Default, CCJ, IVA or Bankruptcy may severely impact upon your ability to lease a vehicle.

Business Leasing

Our lenders will review a number of different factors when looking at an application from a Limited Company.  This includes financial accounts, bank history and credit profile.  If your business has adverse credit, it's worth discussing this with one of our Leasing Consultants before you submit an application.

Do I own the car or van?

Eventual ownership of the car or van will depend on the type of lease / finance agreement you choose.  Concept Vehicle Leasing provide access to a range of funding options, which include:

You will NOT own the vehicle with the following lease agreements:

  • Business Contract Hire
  • Business Finance Lease
  • Personal Contract Hire

You have the OPTION to own the vehicle with the following lease agreements:

  • Business Contract Purchase

For more information, please speak to one of our experienced Leasing Consultants who will be happy to advise further.

How long will delivery take?

Delivery times can vary considerably depending on whether we're able to locate a vehicle from stock; if the vehicle is already in 'pipeline production', or if your chosen vehicle will be a full 'factory' order, built to your own specification.

'Stock' Vehicles

Our usual turnaround time for a 'Stock' vehicle is 2-3 Weeks from point of order.

'Pipeline' or 'Factory Order'

This varies depending on model / manufacturer, normally between 3 - 9+ Months.  Please get in touch about your requirements as early as possible to avoid disapointment.

Initial Rental - What is it?

An initial rental is the first rental payment you will make to the finance company.  Some people call it a deposit, but it's not.  It's typically taken 1-2 weeks after you've taken delivery of your car.  This payment is usually a multple of your monthly rental which is typically 1,3,6,9 or 12x the monthly rental.  This then adjusts how much you pay every month.  The higher the initial rental the lower your ongoing monthly rental and vice versa.

Is car insurance included in the leasing price?

The majority of UK business and personal leasing agreements are based on the customer (end user) insuring the vehicle on a fully comprehensive basis.  Concept Vehicle Leasing are able to provide funding on an insured basis for both business and personal leasing through one of our associated lenders.

Please speak to one of our Leasing Consultants if you would like further information about our lease which includes insurance.

What is maintenance?

Including fixed cost vehicle maintenance with your lease will enable you to spread the cost of essential and preventative maintenance requirements across the term of your lease, as oppposed to having to pay for these items on an 'ad-hoc' basis.  Service Levels vary with maintenance agreements, but most will cover items such as:

  • Routine Servicing
  • Maintenance - Including Brake Pads / Discs, Bulbs, Wipers, Battery, Clutch, Exhaust
  • Tyres - Subject to Normal Wear & Tear
  • Breakdown Cover - including at home, roadside and recovery
  • MOT

Talk to our Leasing Consultants about the benefits of including a maintenance agreement with your business or personal lease.

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