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Considering an EV? Read this

Posted on Nov 14th, 2023
Considering an EV?  Read this

Considering an EV? Read this

If you are considering an EV, you’ve just got started with one, or you’re looking into your future and knowing that it’ll happen one day, here are our three top tips for making the most of an electric vehicle:

#1 Climate Preconditioning

This is, hands down, my favourite feature of my car.  It’s not available in every EV, but if you can, I’d strongly recommend trying to make sure you get it.

Essentially, it’s like an alarm clock for your car – preprogramme when you want your car to wake up, and ensure it’s entirely ready to go when you are.

You can pre-warm or pre-cool the car, get the windscreen defrosted, and generally be able to get straight in your car and go, in perfect comfort.  I love it!

#2 Always use your Sat Nav

Even if you know the journey like the back of your hand, it’s well worth popping your Sat Nav on when you embark upon pretty much any journey.

Why?  Well, your EV should work out the range you currently have in your battery in relation to your journey, so you know whether you’ve got the charge you need.

Plenty of them will tell you where the charging stops along the route are too.

#3 Plan your charge stops

This is probably the biggest adjustment you need to make when moving to electric – factoring in your charge stops.

There are plenty of apps (ZapMap is a good one) which’ll tell you where chargers are, and in many cases, whether they’re currently in use.

The more preparation you do on this front, the less disrupted your journey will be, so it’s worth working out whether the service stations you pass have enough chargers, and whether they’re fast charge or not.

Equally, if you’re staying somewhere overnight, finding a hotel with chargepoints will definitely make life a lot easier – waking up with a full charge is a great feeling.

So there you have it – three tips from a seasoned EV driver!

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