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Fleet Decarbonisation

Here at Concept, some of our consultants have been helping customers of both large and small fleets decarbonise their vehicles since the introduction of the first micro-hybrid vehicles in 2003.

As fuel prices seem set to remain at high levels, and both companies, government and customers demand low carbon vehicle use, we specialise in consulting with businesses, and planning a route to low or zero carbon transportation.

Currently over 70% of the orders we are taking for business customers are either plug in hybrid or fully electric.

It is easy to see why when looking at the figures below.






Plug In Hybrid


Value Of Car







CO2 g/Km







Benefit In Kind Tax per month @40%







20,000 miles fuel Cost







        Average figures July 2022

How we help our customers plan a move to low carbon motoring.

  1. A comprehensive fleet review, looking at vehicle types including commercial vehicles, usage, mileage, possible access to charging facilities and costs. We will also provide an estimate of the fleets total carbon footprint in tonnes per year.
  2. For drivers or users who are unsure if they can move to an electric vehicle, we can optionally provide a temporary telematics unit to monitor vehicle use over a 1 or 2 month period, followed by analysis by an expert to assess suitability to change to electrified motoring.
  3. Following a comprehensive review and consultation with the decision makers to establish to the targets relating to carbon levels and costs, we will provide a comprehensive fleet plan including the following:-
  4. A selection of cars/LCV’s to suit the needs of the company, taking into account micro/self-charging hybrid, plug in hybrid, full electric and possibly even hydrogen options.
  5. A proposal of options for charging infrastructure covering home, business and on the move.
  6. Parking planning to provide access to charging.
  7. Risk Assessment and driver training to help the transition to electrified driving.
  8. Fleet management and charging cost control via our cloud and app based software.
  9. Tailored maintenance programmes adapted to suit electrified vehicles.
  10. Salary Sacrifice.

Range Anxiety.

It is easy to focus on range anxiety when possibly changing to an electric vehicle.  However, many vehicles now comfortably offer 300+ miles electric range, so often users only need to charge their cars once per week.  Even if they cannot access charging at home, it is a small compromise in time to charge at a supermarket or filling station once per week, whilst taking a massive step towards a zero-carbon footprint.

Carbon Certification.

We can help provide data and structure to help companies wishing to gain carbon certification either via standards such as ISO 14064 or with organisations such as carbon trust, Ecology or any other organisation you are working with.

We look forward to combining our passion and expertise to help you on your path to zero carbon.

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