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Our Purpose

At Concept, we are committed to creating a sustainable future for our customers, our people, and the communities in which we work and live.  

Our mission is to help customers dramatically reduce the carbon footprint of their vehicles, to create a healthier and safer world. 

We fulfil this ambition through the following strategies: -

Our Commitment

Concept is committed to making a real difference. Our customers always come first, but our efforts to fulfil our mission also reflect our responsibilities to people and to the planet.

We work hard to attract, retain, and develop a diverse and inclusive workforce. We are committed to being a good neighbour in the communities in which we work and live. Underlying these efforts is our commitment to ethically running the business and setting the example for how we expect those working on behalf of the company to behave.

Our Mission

Vehicles can often be one of the top two contributors to the Scope 1 emissions in a business. We have the ability to help our customers significantly reduce their carbon footprint and sometimes operate a zero-carbon fleet of vehicles.

Many of our staff have lived through the development of vehicle carbon reduction technology from micro hybrid, full hybrid and plug in hybrid, through to electric and hydrogen drivetrains. 

We use our 20 years’ experience to plan a carbon reduction programme for our customer’s vehicles, using the latest technology, data scientists and the ability to offer products from all manufacturers to plan a de-carbonised vehicle future.

We also have the ability to help influence the efficient operation of the vehicles, with a holistic solution that includes charging infrastructure, cloud-based fleet management, driver training, risk management and telematics to ensure the most efficient use of vehicles for a business.

Environmental Stewardship

We operate a mindset of continuous improvement, driving our focus on improving the efficiency of our operation, reducing waste and energy consumption, and delivering a consultative service that helps our customers reduce their environmental footprint.

To reduce our Scope 1 GHG, we have moved all our own vehicles to an electrified fleet.  Our offices offer the largest zero carbon electric charging site in the area, and we work to promote other businesses on our site such as the innovative Solar Car Parks by 3Ti.

We are based in a Grade A rated building, focussed on combining natural light, double glazing, energy efficient lighting and a sustainable and an efficient ventilation/air-conditioning system.  We also offer a secure cycle store to encourage cycle use and a documented waste re-cycle process.

We estimate in the past 3 years, we have helped our customers reduce their carbon footprint by approx. 60,000Kg of CO2

Ethical Business Practices. 

Concept is committed to conducting its business fairly, honourably, with integrity, and in compliance with the law.  We meet this commitment by following policies and procedures including our code of conduct and the guidelines set for our industry by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority member no 689247) and the BVRLA (British Vehicle Rental & Leasing Association member no 829).

We also choose our supplier base by seeking environmentally responsible companies and solutions which consistently help reduce our footprint.

Our overall goal is to improve our performance while practicing our business in an ethical and responsible manner.

Paul Bulloch

Paul Bulloch – CEO

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