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Concept's Top Three tips for saving on fuel

Posted on May 18, 2017

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A loved one of mine, spent more than £75 in the space of three days, whilst he drove back from Leicester on the long weekend. That's more than £100 over the entire weekend including the Bank Holiday! So here's Concept's top three fuel saving tips to ensure you don't have to spend that much too often.

Slowly does it

Did you know that the average car consumes more than 39% more fuel when at 70mph than when covering the same distance at 50 mph! What does this tell us? Drive a little slower, as it could cut down your fuel costs! We aren't saying drive at such a low speed that snails could go quicker, but keeping this in mind, may just save you some cash!

Pump it louder

It may seem obvious to some, but make sure you check your tyre pressures once a week at the very least. If your tyres are under-flated it could increase fuel consumption. Also, if you keep your vehicle regularly serviced, this can aid your saving too. Don't forget our ServicePlan products for if you do decide you need servicing without the stress ;-)

Smooth shouldn't just be a woman's legs

It's the summer, pretty much all ladies are gearing up for smoother legs and beautiful bodies, but it's not just the human body you should keep specially primed. Simple driving style changes can improve your fuel economy. Quit the heavy accelerating and or braking, and make sure you're in the right gear for the speed your doing, and your fuel drinking costs will thank you!

We've got plenty more tips for you, and don't forget for all leasing deals, from low CO2 emissions rockstars such as a VW Golf lease, such as no fuel hassles in the Electric Nissan Leaf available to lease now too. Give us a call today on 0800 043 2050! Don't forget, if you like it - share it!