Electric vehicle leasing

Don't just move forward, move towards the future

It used to be straight-forward to select a contract car when it came to fuel – Petrol or Diesel? There only used to be two options, now it's all become a bit more complex. Electric? Hybrid? Plug-in? How on earth do you decide which is right for you? What are the differences and more importantly, what are the advantages and dis-advantages of electric vehicle leasing?

If you're stuck with a million questions when considering leasing a car that is electric, then talk to the Concept Vehicle Leasing team. We can help you with any questions you have and advise you on the best car lease deals and overall contract hire and leasing solution.

We provide funding on almost every make and model of electric/plug-in/hybrid vehicle. With all the benefits of lower emissions, tax breaks and the savings on fuel that come with going electric, you really would be missing out by not considering leasing a car that is a new electric vehicle.

Charging points

'I've picked the contract car, so now I need … a long extension cord?'

Having the right infrastructure in place is vital if the move towards alternative fuel is to continue, and the facility to plug-in and charge an EV at home or at work is a must for anyone considering an EV or PHEV option.

Concept Vehicle Leasing have teamed up Rolec EV for the UK nationwide supply and installation of electric vehicle charge points.

Rolec EV offers the UK's largest and most comprehensive range of EV charge points, from entry level domestic home charge points through to more sophisticated networking charging solutions for EV fleet's.

Customers who opt to lease an EV from Concept Vehicle Leasing can access grant-funded / subsidised home charge point installations from as little as £149 inc. VAT. The partnership means that Concept can offer a single point of contact for the supply and implementation of an EV solution for a single vehicle requirement or multi-vehicle fleet.

Paul Bulloch, Managing Director at Concept Vehicle Leasing has recently taken delivery of the all-electric BMW i3 and has first-hand experience of using Rolec EV to install a home charging point:

"I was initially unsure of the options available for charging my new BMW i3 at home, so I contacted Rolec EV who put me in touch with a local engineer. From the initial telephone consultation to installation of a wall-mounted home charger, the process was entirely seamless. Plus the engineer helped with completion of the government grant application, which meant that I only had to pay £149 for supply and installation. I have no hesitation in recommending Rolec EV to our customers."

Give the Concept Vehicle Leasing team a call on 0800 043 2050 to discuss how leasing a car or van that is an electric vehicle could benefit you or your business.