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Top Tips For Autumn Driving

Posted on December 04, 2020

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The autumn season is always a time for change. As the leaves turn brown and the nights begin to darken, it's a time of year that many look forward to.

But autumn doesn't just bring change to the trees and foliage, it changes things on the road too. Colder weather and darker nights can make driving more treacherous, which is why it's even more important to practice safe driving when you're out on the road.

Take a look at some of our top tips for autumn driving.

Guard against glare

  • Protect yourself against glare by keeping your windshield clean, wearing sunglasses, and making the most of your sun visors.
  • If you have any chips or scratches in your windshield, make sure you get them fixed as the glare can become more intense when there's damage.
  • You can use headlights to alert those coming towards you of your presence.
  • Be cautious when the sun is behind you - it could be affecting drivers coming in the opposite direction.

Stay on top of your car's maintenance

  • Consider replacing your car battery if it is more than five years old. Your battery is more likely to give up on you during the winter months.
  • If you're planning on doing some long journeys or you're staying away from home, think about investing in some jump leads to give your battery a kick-start if needed.
  • You should carry out regular checks on all of your lights throughout the year, but in the autumn heading into winter, you should test them more regularly - you don't want to be without lights when driving in dark days and nights.
  • Now is a good time to give your tyres a check-up. It's recommended you have at least 3mm of tread for winter driving, so it might be time to replace your tyres if they're looking a little worn.
  • Check your windscreen wipers to make sure they're working effectively - you'll need them to work quickly when it's raining or it's foggy outside.
  • Make sure you've got adequate oil, water and antifreeze. Getting your car serviced can help ensure you've got the right amount of antifreeze.

Practical autumn driving tips

  • Beware of deer on the roads. Stags will be rutting at this time of year, making them more likely to run onto the roads. Their movements can be unpredictable, so be vigilant when driving in areas where deer might be present.
  • Leaves on the road can be a significant hazard - slow down when driving through stretches of road where there are a lot of leaves.
  • Get used to using your lights earlier in the day/later in the morning - use them as soon as you need them.
  • Low light can make it more difficult to see hazards, especially people wearing dark clothes, so take extra care when driving - especially in residential areas.

It's important to take extra precautions when driving in the autumn months. Make sure both you and your car are ready for the changes this season. Interested in leasing a new car this autumn? Click here to enquire now.