What to look for in a 7 Seater

Posted on April 06, 2017

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Need to transport 7 people?

See what options there are for 7 seater vehicles.

Deciding on a vehicle is a very complex task, we all have personal touches that are must haves to ensure we are comfortable with the vehicle, hoping to achieve a place of serenity and happiness for our means of travel.

These vehicle decisions start with one simple question, what size? From there we can start filling in the blanks, creating our special vehicle fit for purpose.

However, when it comes to a 7 seater, whether it's a MPV (Multi-Purpose Vehicle/ Van) or SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle), the list of variables becomes increasing smaller. So what should you be looking for in a 7 seater vehicle and what options are there?

Comfort – From the get go you will know that being a 7 seater, comfort is going to be the most prominent decision, however comfort can be described many ways. Never take the word comfort to mean exactly what you would determine as 'comfortable'. More than likely you have selected this vehicle for carrying up to 7 people or you need the space to carry goods. The type of cargo you are carrying will help to determine what form of comfort you need. If you need to transport 7 adults then you may define comfort as a lot of space to move around; whilst someone transporting a family with small children will determine it by how their gluteus maximus feels after a 5-hour road trip.

Safety and Stability – Being larger than the typical vehicle that is used for work, being safe and sticking to the road is going to be a top priority for a 7 seater car or van. You will want to ensure that all passengers or goods within the vehicle are kept safe in the unfortunate event the vehicle is involved in an accident. Another key point is make sure that everything inside the vehicle, being people or other, is not going to be thrown around like a rag doll. This is where stability comes in, being able to corner nicely with body-roll along with driving up a gravel road without hitting your head on the roof is a definite must have for any vehicle of this size.

A good thing to consider is also seasonal weather, a MPV may get you and your passengers everywhere you need to be in the milder months, but come winter a light dusting of snow could really hinder your travels where as a 7 seater SUV will keep you moving all year round.

Distance – This is where the SUV vs MPV/Van battle really comes in to play. If the distance you have to travel is short range and reasonably urban then the a MPV or Van is probably the way to go. Multitudes of space with easy access in and out of the vehicle. If however you have long distances to travel or a more varied terrain then the 7 seater SUV would be more suitable.

Gadgets – Gadgets are all the rave inside vehicles and also the one thing to push your budget through the roof. Whether you would like the latest apple connection, touch screen navigation or even cup holders with trays on the back of your seats, most options will need to be added at an extra cost. However gadget envy can be very real when it comes to comparing vehicles. Don't pass up a something you really want as you may regret not having it. A high quality and reliable navigation can save time and energy when traveling. There are often things you may not 'need' but that will actually make life and commuting a lot easier.

What 7 seater should I choose?

So you have an idea of what you want, but you're unsure on what is the best on the market? Here are a few vehicles we would recommend:

EAT Alhambra – This magnificent MPV (Multi-Purpose Vehicle) provides everything you want out of a 7-seater vehicle. Its spacious inside, provides easy access in and out of the vehicle, lowering the rear seats to give that extra boot space is no hassle and it handles well on the road. Although it may not appeal to everyone being a MPV, this vehicles price will make you think twice before you look at others.

We have the Seat Alhambra available for Business or Personal Contract Hire here: Lease the Seat Alhambra Estate 1.4 Tsi S 5Dr for £295.49 + vat per month (6 + 47) 10k mpa.

Volvo XC90 – The almighty XC90 is what dreams are made of. Style, comfort, safety are all top priorities for this luxurious vehicle. If vehicles were a fashion show, the Volvo XC90 would be the grand finale. At this current point in time it would be hard to beat this vehicle as it offers so much and you know whoever is in your vehicle or whatever you are carrying will be safe in any scenario. Be careful though, luxury comes at a cost.

We currently have the Volvo XC90 on special offer for: Volvo Xc90 Diesel Estate 2.0 D5 Powerpulse Momentum 5Dr Awd Geartronic £509.99 +vat p/m (6+47) 10k MPA, if you are after a 7 seater then this is the time to take advantage of this vehicle.

7 Seater vs MPV/Van for your business

A lot of the time the decision can come down to Tax differences, even though a Volvo XC90 might be the perfect vehicle for you, tax wise it may be more beneficial to choose the SEAT Alhambra. Vans are also more favoured by businesses for tax reasons as when a Van is used for commercial use only there is no Benefit in Kind tax. If your company is VAT registered, you can also claim back 100% of the VAT and there is also a flat rate for Road Fund Licence on Vans.