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Tyre Safety Month - This October check your tyre pressure!

Posted on May 19, 2017

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With October being the 'check your tyre pressure' month we have decided to help create awareness through our blog to both Fleet readers and personal drivers too.

With this being the tyre safety month, fleets are being encouraged to check the tyre pressure (and general condition) of all of their vehicles tyres. Even if you are an individual driving your car on a general day to day basis, please check the condition of your tyres and also get the pressure checked and topped up if necessary.

The campaign has been organised by the road safety group 'TyreSafe' and it is one that is being supported by garages the whole country over. Concept Vehicle Leasing is supporting the cause in a way by promoting the cause and creating awareness. We will also endeavor to do out part on our own vehicles too. Other than the safety aspect of properly inflated tyres, you will also see a financial benefit too. With tyres at the correct pressure you will save money on tyre repair bills and also your car should be running at a better efficiency and economy in the form of better mpg.

With winter coming ahead it is even more important to ensure you vehicle is fully road worthy and running at its optimum levels throughout the whole car checks, from brakes to wipers and so on. If you tyres need changing, change them. Keep your vehicles fully maintained. If the pressure is too low, fill it up. Also check things like your battery, lights, wipers, brakes, oil and filter as well as general electrics to name but a few.

...Remember to drive safely and to drive a safe vehicle...