The Business Expo is back- this time with Concept

Posted on May 18, 2017

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The Richmond Business Expo is back on the 12th April and in the words of the organisers themselves "'s going to be even better again". Well that says it all really. Last time it was the best and this year is going to be different in just one way... It's going to be better!

So what is the Richmond Business Expo all about? Firstly it's a free event to be enjoyed by all

where you will receive lots of advice and support for all your business, leisure and home needs. There will be up to 100 local businesses showcasing themselves at the event including, US! You can be sure to find something for everyone whether it is for web designers or tradesmen, business or leisure it is all catered for here at the Richmond Business Expo. As with all Expo's there will be tonnes of great offers not to be missed.

The event will be useful for those looking to improve their business as well as money saving advice for the home and garden or other professional services. Concept Vehicle Leasing will be there to give you great discounts, great advice and much more. Come and find us on Tuesday!

The whole event runs from 1pm all the way till 9pm giving you many hours to get all the advice and information you need. The seminar is the first event of the day starting at 1pm. The rest of the Expo starts a little later with the doors opening to the event at 3pm, leaving enough time to mingle and enjoy the event until 8pm when the event holds a networking drinks hour at the bar. Doors close at 9pm when you are free to retire to your homes with a wealth of free knowledge and information to help you out in all areas of your life. It will be the best free event you will attend this year. So all that's left to say is.... SEE you on Tuesday!