SEAT shows off high-tech 'guardian angel' safety concept at Smart City Expo, Barcelona

Posted on December 07, 2017

Content seat leon cristobal safety concept

SEAT has revealed the Leon 'Cristobal' concept safety car at the Smart City Expo in Barcelona. Named after St Christopher (San Cristobal in Spanish), the patron saint of travellers, the car features a host of digital technologies developed to make life safer for drivers and passengers. The car has 19 technological safety features, which include:

* DRIVE LOCK - a built-in breathalyser that prevents the car from starting if a positive reading is given.

* EYE TRACKER - which detects from the driver's eyelids if they are about to fall asleep at the wheel.

* DRIVE COACH - a voice assistant that enables safety warnings to be personalised to the driver's individual settings, such as excessive speed warnings

* DISPLAY MIRROR - which utilises a rear camera for better all-round vision, allowing the driver to still see behind the car even if the boot is full.

* BLACK BOX - image and data recorder that sends footage to a selected smartphone in the event of an accident.

* MENTOR APP - which enables parents to control the vehicle's speed and monitor its location when their children are driving it.

Combined, the Leon Cristobal can be driven in 'Guardian Angel' mode, where all of the 19 safety technologies work concurrently. The safety features not only protect the car and its occupants, but could also reduce insurance premiums – WG.