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Pothole Problems - How the UK is suffering from road damage

Posted on May 19, 2017

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if you are a driver you will have no doubt experienced the general condition of the roads here in the UK and seen that they are currently in a pretty bad state, with many not being very driver friendly. The drivers here at Concept Vehicle Leasing are only too familiar with this, as most of us travel by car to get to work each day.

It has been suggested that there could be as much as one pothole for every one mile of road in Great Britain. The country has been plagued with around 200,000 potholes according to official council data for Great Britain, with a total cost of repairs reaching around £2.5million in the past year alone!

Why the roads are in bad condition really comes down to weather changes such as harsh winters followed by dry hot summers, however this is what causes the damage specifically not why the roads are so bad. The roads are bad because of an under-investment in our roads and the quality of the work carried out to lay the roads down. Hopefully this will change in the future with our road tax being put to good use to help smooth out our roads.

Remember that potholes cause damage to your vehicles, such as damaging wheels, shoes, bumpers, and even cracking windscreens so make sure that you try and avoid them where necessary.