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Mileage monitor - What it is and why you need it!

Posted on May 19, 2017

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Running a fleet of business vehicles can be demanding. Whether you operate 10 or 100, there is so much to think about. Plus, if your chosen acquisition method is Contract Hire, or you operate a fixed cost maintenance agreement such as Serviceplan for Business, you'll be contracted to run vehicles for a set term and mileage. Excess mileage penalties normally apply when you exceed this contract mileage, or worse still your vehicle could be left without maintenance cover. What if there was a way to actively manage your fleet mileage, ensuring you only pay for the mileage you use?

Mileage Monitor delivers an effective way to avoid excess mileage penalties, ensure maintenance continuity through active contract rescheduling.

How Does It Work?

The process for using our Mileage Monitor service is simple. We'll arrange to take periodic mileage readings for each vehicle you have on fleet. These can be requested from your driver by e-mail or SMS message, and if you have a Serviceplan agreement, we'll take these every time you're vehicle has any work carried out. These readings are fed into a bespoke system created by Concept. Our system will alert our dedicated team where expected contract mileage is going under or over the agreed contract mileage. We'll then invite you to re-schedule your Contract Hire and/or Serviceplan agreement, either increasing or reducing your regular payments to avoid excess fees or paying too much.

Key Features

Avoid Excess Mileage - actively re-schedule mileage to avoid excess fees

Avoid Overpayment - reduce contract mileage where possible and only pay for what you use

Maintenance Continuity - ensure you are covered for maintenance for the full term by accurately adjusting mileage

Accuracy - greater control against traditional 'pooled' mileage agreements

Reduced Administration - let us manage your fleet mileage so you can get on with your business

Cost Effective - significant cost savings across your fleet when using Mileage Monitor

Added Value - a small monthly fee applies providing value for money

Why choose Concept?

Established, Experienced Leasing Provider with a reputation for impartial advice and Service Excellence

All Makes & Models (Cars and Commercials)

Direct funding from major Banks and Leasing Companies, assuring you of the Best rates

Dedicated Account Management

UK Nationwide Service Provision

BVRLA Accredited Member