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Concepts exciting events for 'Red Nose Day'

Posted on May 19, 2017

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With Red Nose Day just around the corner, we here at Concept have put on our thinking caps to find an innovative and fun way to raise money for charity, whilst keeping within the Red Nose Day themes.

Whilst there are literally thousands of ways to raise money for charity we have chosen the ways below, as we feel these are the best ways for our office, staff and clients to get involved with raising money whilst keeping with the whole spirit of Red Nose Day. Please donate here so we can help make a difference this year.

The Plan

So what exactly are we going to do to gain your donations? Well as mentioned we plan on doing a few things this year:

  • First we will be dressing up in red clothes, red wigs or head boppers and red noses and each person dressing up will be making a donation of at lease £1.00 for charity.
  • Next we will be holding a 'Red Breakfast' where we will be eating many foods which are red in colour. These will include: Jam, Strawberries, Watermelon and Ham as well as other non red items.
  • Finally we will be holding a raffle and for everyone (of you) who donates at least £1.00 on our Just Giving page we will automatically enter you into both our daily raffle (where the prize will be a Red Nose Day gift and a Concept gift) as well as entering you in our main 15th of March Red Nose Day raffle. The gifts here will be a collection of car related goodies such as car polish and wax. Every person who makes a donation will also receive a Concept Tyre Gauge automatically just for taking part.

Our prizes and prize winners will be updated on our social media throughout the day and we will be sharing our fun day with everyone on our social media so you must make sure you are 'Liking' us on Facebook and 'Following' us on Twitter to get all the updates. We will also be sharing on our App, LinkedIn and Tumbler so add us to your pages also.