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Concept visits 'Company Car in Action' - See what vehicles we tested!

Posted on May 19, 2017

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The 2014 FleetNews 'Company Car in Action' event has drawn to a close and as it does so the Concept Vehicle Leasing team reflects upon the day they had going around the track there in some pretty amazing vehicles.

The purpose of the Company Car in Action event is to allow individuates and companies who are involved in the vehicle industry to go out and road test vehicles in a safe environment. The Concept boys were able to test some of their favourite vehicles around an alpine route (aimed at testing breaking, cornering and navigating inclines and declines, with gradients ranging from 6.5% to a challenging 26%, as well as taking the vehicles out onto a high speed track, while getting up to speeds of 100mph, emulating motorway driving.

The team were able to put a few of the vehicles that we have available on contract hire to the test and have very positive reviews of the majority of vehicles that we tested. One thing that is very clear is that the current quality of vehicle being released by manufactures is very high indeed. Lets start with

Marketing Manager John Dudley tested the following vehicles:

* BMW 320D EfficientDynamics Business

* Mercedes CLS 350 CDI AMG Sport Shooting Brake Auto

* Mercedes ML 250 AMG Sport Auto

* Kia Sportage KX4 2.0lt CRDI Auto

* Jaguar F-Type Convertible V8 S 5.0lt Supercharged

John has told us that he "thoroughly enjoyed the day out, being able to test vehicles that both he and our clients are interested in. His favourite was the Jaguar F Type Convertible and the Range Rover Sport was also a brilliant drive."

Fleet Controller Peter Banks tested the following vehicles:

* Volvo V40

* Maserati Ghibli 3lt V6

* Seat Leon Cupra 2.0lt TSI DSG

* Jaguar F-Type Coupe R 5.0lt Supercharged

* Mercedes CLA 250 AMG Sport

Pete was also able to ride as a passenger in the vehicles that John went in (and vice versa). They both had a great time and lots of laughs were had along the way. Pete said that he "thought the day at Company Car in Action was very well organised and a great experience. It made me realise how technology on vehicles has developed over the years, most being a big improvement which helps economy.

Account Manager Leon Robinson tested the following vehicles:

* Maserati Ghibli

* Mercedes SLS (passenger)

* New Mercedes C250 CDI AMG Sport Saloon

* Mercedes CLS 250 CDI AMG Sport Coupe

* Jaguar F Type Convertible

* Range Rover Sport

* Seat Leon SC Cupra

* Toyota GT86

* Peugeot RCZ

* Infinity Q50

* BMW 320d M Sport Saloon

Leon had said that "Company Car in Action was a great day out which gave me a chance to drive and get a much better look at the vehicles I talk about from day to day. I can now pass on my improved knowledge and understanding of these vehicles to clients."

Check out all our great photos of the day here.