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Commercial Fleet Insurance – Finding The Best Deal For You

Posted on May 19, 2017

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Are you struggling to find the best commercial fleet insurance deal for you and your business? You're not alone. Many people find it a very difficult process and some never get round to using a commercial fleet insurance policy, opting to use individual policies for each of their vehicles instead.

This is a huge mistake as there are many advantages to using a commercial fleet insurance policy and once you find the right one it will make your life a lot easier.

The difficulties of finding the best commercial fleet insurance deal

There are several factors that make finding the best commercial fleet insurance deal a difficult process. Firstly, it can he highly time consuming and as all business owners know, time is a very valuable commodity.

The time spent on searching the Internet for the many different insurance providers, finding our exactly what their rates are (many of them may not be very transparent about their rates), discussing your needs with several different providers and eventually applying for the insurance cover could be time spent on client care and business development.

Finding the best commercial fleet deal can also be a very confusing process. There are so many different suppliers who will all be claiming to offer the best deal which confuses people as they can't decide who to choose.

There are also many types of insurance cover to choose from, for example;

Third party cover: The cheaper option which only covers liabilities you incur to others and does not provide any cover for yourself.

Third party fire and theft: This type of policy covers you for any liabilities to others as well as covering you if you vehicle is destroyed by fire or stolen.

Fully Comprehensive: The most expensive option, fully comprehensive will cover you for all of the above as well as any damage or injuries you sustain.

Deciding which type of cover to go for to suit your business needs can be hard. Another difficulty people encounter when searching for the best commercial fleet insurance deal is deciding on who to trust. With so many insurance providers touting for your business, many of them will just tell you whatever they need to in order to get your business. You will need to decide if they are giving you a fair price, if the type of cover they are offering is really right for you and whether or not you can trust the information they have provided you with.

The advantages of using commercial fleet insurance

Although you may encounter many difficulties when searching for the best policy, it is definitely an important factor to consider. Using commercial fleet insurance has a number of advantages compared to using separate insurance policies for each of your vehicles. Having one policy for all of your vehicles is much easier to track and can also work out cheaper for you. It also means you will only have one policy renewal date, saving you valuable time and effort. You can also insure all of your drivers on all of your vans, resulting in a much more efficient business. So how can Concept Vehicle Leasing help?

How Concept Vehicle Leasing can help you find the best commercial fleet insurance deal

At Concept Vehicle Leasing, we want to take all of the effort out of finding the best commercial fleet insurance deal for you. We work in association with Surrey Independent Advisors Ltd (SIA Group) to provide you with the tools you need to insure your fleet.

We do not offer insurance services directly, however by working with Surrey Independent Advisors Ltd, we can offer you a full service, from leasing to insuring your fleet. This is a highly efficient and time saving process as you can get everything sorted at one time. The SIA Group are able to offer you all the following and more:

Commercial Fleet Insurance

Individual Motor Insurance (Cars or Commercial)

GAP Insurance

Excess Waiver

Key Care

Surrey Independent Advisors Ltd have been around for over 20 years and are the leading experts in commercial fleet insurance. The team have a wealth of knowledge and their excellent reputation is complimented by their ability to build long standing relationships with their clients through their friendly, informative service.

When you use the SIA Group, you get a dedicated account manager who will provide you with a personalised service. This is a great advantage as you can build your relationship with your account manager and they can learn to understand your business and your specific needs. They also have access to the major fleet markets, Lloyds facilities and claims handling facilities. This allows them to cover all of you needs.

Find out more about our Commercial Fleet Insurance Services or Van Leasing on our website.

Alternatively, you can contact us for more information.