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Brilliant Tips to Save on Your Next MOT

Posted on May 22, 2017

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The best way to save on an MOT is to make sure you pass. Obviously but there are other ways to save on an MOT. These are the trade secrets that most MOT garages don't want you to know about, so make sure you keep these under your hat...

So, with the news that 1 in 5 cars fail their first MOT many drivers lose out on their MOT fee and end up having to pay for a retest, here are our top tips so that you pass first time:

Timing is Crucial

From when your car is three years old you will need an MOT test every year. If you manage to book your car in just one month before the current one runs out then the new certificate will expire a year from your current certificate's end date but book it in too early then it will end exactly a year later, losing you a month or more.

Give Your Car a Service

Most common fails are down to faulty lighting, signalling, tyres, headlight aim, etc. So it pays to check that the obvious things are working, that tyres are correctly inflated and in good condition, etc. It would really sting to have to pay for a retest because of something simple and easily fixable.

Local Council MOT Test Centres

Did you know that many local councils have MOT test centres that are open to the public? They are used to test council vehicles but by law, the centres must also be open to the public. As their mechanics have no incentive to fail in order to bill for repairs, they are more likely to offer an honest assessment of your car, or at least needing fewer repairs.

Ask Other Drivers

There are many test centres around which offer a good, honest and reliable service but finding them can be tricky. Do your research therefore and ask other drivers for their recommendations. Mention any recommendation when you take the car in as garages will be keen to offer a good service if they know they are being recommended to others.

Shop Around

Depending on the state of your car, you could save by choosing where to get the MOT test done wisely. If it's a new car which is serviced regularly then go for the cheapest option and don't be afraid to ask the test centre to match a cheaper price you've seen. If the car needs work, then a council-run test centre might fail your car on fewer points which would be cheaper to fix, negating the re-test fee you'd need to pay the centre.

6. Failed?

You can still save. Many test centres offer deals such as free retests if you get the repairs done by them or within a certain time period, so ask about any retest deals.