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Back to the Future

Posted on May 19, 2017

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With a constant churn of new vehicles out on the market, we feel that manufacturers should look back at their old classics and with some clever styling, revive some of our favourites.

Here are our top 3...

Ford Capri

The Capri made its debut in 1962, but not as the Capri we all know and hate/love. It was first known as the Ford Consul Capri and looked more like an American Classic than a vehicle made famous by The Professionals.

Let's make no mistake, Ford have made some great cars recently including the Focus, Mondeo and Fiesta, but feel its time to revive one of their old classics

The Mark III Ford Capri hit our streets in the late 70's and was around until 1986. We feel that it's about time Ford looked at designing, or re-designing a fresh new Coupe like the Ford Capri. A 21st Century facelift on this classic would be welcomed by the 70's and 80's generation.

Renault 5

The Renault 5 was first unveiled in 1971 and launched into the market in early 1972. During the following years it was released in various designs, including the Second Generation with 3 and 5 doors, GT Turbo and GT Turbo Convertible believe it or not.

It's Successor was the Renault Clio, which has done well over the years but as a small hatch it has become tired and a tad bit boring.

Renault, who recently announced the end of the Megane and the Espace, should look at going back to the Clio's predecessor and bringing back the Renault 5.

This would be an even greater contender to the likes of the Fiat Punto, Citroen DS3. In the 90's, as a young boy racer you only drove one of 4 cars. A Fiat Uno Turbo, Peugeot 205GTi, Ford Escort Cosworth or a Renault 5 GT Turbo!

Fiat Tempra

he Fiat Tempra was introduced to the market in 1992, in succession to the very square Fiat Regata. The Tempra survived until 1996 where it was succeeded by the Fiat Marea. The Marea died a death and Fiat then released a batch of smaller saloons such as the Bravo, Brava and Stilo, which as you know are all small saloons and hatches.

If you check out Fiat's current arsenal, it only consists of small hatches such as the Bravo, Panda, Punto and 500. at present Fiat do not manufacturer what you and I call a 5dr saloon.

It's time for Fiat to revive the Tempra and add a large saloon to their 21st Century portfolio.

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