4 reasons why you should subscribe to Concept Vehicle Leasing

Posted on May 18, 2017

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You see it everywhere you look on pretty much every web page online these days. Subscribe, subscribe and guess what more subscribe buttons. Why? Well, here's the general summary. When you subscribe to a web page, you will get a summary of all the latest news and headlines from the subscribed content and will save you time in the future as you no longer need to go to each of your favourite web pages to see what they do! Instead you will automatically get the updates, and anything you want to read more on you can click straight through so everything is all in one place.

What is an RSS?

For more information on all of this, especially RSS here's an official 'go to' website. It breaks it down so you can understand it's benefits.

Why subscribe to Concept Vehicle Leasing?

Subscribe to Concept Vehicle Leasing today!

  • As if this wasn't obvious, but we will actually keep you up to date with everything automotive – from the fun news to the strange to the latest deals, and the latest legislation news, Concept have you covered. That's why you should subscribe to us!
  • Also, our blog is the place to have your voice heard, get into conversation, and even guest blog if you want to.
  • We really believe our customers are the Kings and Queens of our business, and that's why we value you all opinions and all forms of communication on our blog.
  • As an accredited BVRLA member, if there are legislation queries or general doubts on anything to do with the industry we guarantee that we will give you our expert advice and exceptional service for all your leasing enquiries.

How to subscribe to us

Just click on any of the 'Subscribe' buttons you see on our blog - there is one on the left hand side this page <---- We will never share your email address with other parties. You will have the option to unsubscribe at the bottom of every email.

So that's the ABC of subscribing, so what are you waiting for? Subscribe with us today, from Insignia leasing deals to news on everything BMW and much more, keep up to date and in the know with Concept. Call us today for a lease enquiry 0800 043 2050.