Outsourced Small Fleet Management

We understand that running a vehicle fleet can be hard work, frustrating and often left to someone that has no experience, let alone time to organise.

Concept Vehicle Leasing can provide fleet and business users with a fully outsourced Fleet Management Service, alongside their car or van leasing services. Designed to work around your business, our small fleet management service takes care of everything so you can get on with what's most important; running the company. You simply hand over the details and we sort all the bookings and problems.

Small to Medium sized fleets with established contract cars or commercial vehicles will benefit from a central point of contact for all fleet related issues, including vehicle procurement, maintenance scheduling and advice. Drivers will have access to a 24/7 driver help line with accident assistance.

Very Small or New sized fleets with one or two vehicles on the go and very little experience in company car policy will benefit from our expertise and experience. We can advise your business on best practice when leasing a car or van, what restrictions and policies to put in place and company car contracts for potential employees.

Pay as you go maintenance

Perhaps you own a fleet of cars or vans and need help managing the "day to day". Or it might be that your using Hire Purchase or Finance Lease to finance your vehicles, and have no option of including a fixed-cost maintenance plan.

Whatever the situation, if you're paying for vehicle maintenance on an ad-hoc basis and managing your fleet "in-house", then you're probably paying over the odds.

Take advantage of our fully outsourced fleet management service - we'll take away the headache of running your fleet. Use our service to book , maintenance, services, repairs and tyres centrally and we'll pass on our discounted pricing for labour and parts. Our team of maintenance controllers will scrutinise every job - keeping your fleet safe and mobile, and minimising downtime.

No subscription fees - no management fees. Simply pay when you use the service at our cost plus a small handling fee.

Plus with 24/7/365 support for your drivers via a dedicated single number, we'll remove the headache of running your fleet.

Can't commit to contract maintenance for your entire vehicle leasing term, but still want to use our expertise, cost controlling and discounts? No worries, just sign up for pay as you go maintenance, pay for the service when you need it, no subscription.

Risk management

Employers often unknowingly put their business at risk when they fail to comply with certain legal requirements when giving employees contract cars or contract vans. If your business doesn't have anything in place to cover Occupational Road Risk (ORR), fulfil your Duty of Care Responsibilities or comply with the current HSE Driving at Work Guidelines, then you could be breaking the law.

It's vital that your business takes proactive action to ensure that employees driving a company vehicle are kept safe and that your business is legally compliant. The law surrounding this is the same regardless of fleet size, and includes all employees who drive for business – even if they are using their own vehicle.

We can support customers with a range of services to make sure you are compliant and help manage the risk. Call us on 0800 043 2050 for more information.

Fuel card

One of the reasons so many businesses choose Concept Vehicle Leasing for their contract hire, leasing and fleet management requirements, is due to the wide range of facilities we have available under one roof.

With the aim of providing a truly holistic solution for businesses, Concept have partnered with UK leading fuel card company Fuelmate, and are able to offer a comprehensive range of leading fuel card networks all with one dedicated point of contact.

The partnership with Fuelmate enables Concept to offer fuel cards from the following leading brands:

  • BP Plus and BP Bunker
  • UK Fuels
  • Euroshell CRT, Euroshell Fleet and Euroshell Multi
  • Keyfuels
  • Texaco Fastfuels
  • Esso

So, not only will Concept Vehicle Leasing be able to scour the market of leading leasing companies to find customers the very best deal for contract hire deals, contract purchase and finance lease, but the team are now able to tailor a fuel card solution to meet the individual needs of a business.

Benefits include low prices, nationwide coverage, weekly settlements along with a Fuelmate garage locator app. Users are also able to capture mileage and manage fuel expenses via "JourneyTrack" – a special app available exclusively to Fuelmate customers.

The new partnership with Fuelmate completes the jigsaw for Concept in being a full-service fleet management provider – with rental & lease options from 1 day to 5 years, fixed cost maintenance, comprehensive insurance and now fuel all with a single dedicated point of contact and award winning Customer Service.

Inspect & Repair

Whether you currently own or lease your vehicle(s), you'll know that when it comes to disposal or return, any damage can have a significant impact on the resale (residual) value.

However, by proactively inspecting and repairing a vehicle prior to disposal or return, you can protect you and your business from unnecessary or unexpected cost and administrative burden.

Inspect and Repair from Concept Vehicle Leasing provides a simple and efficient way of inspecting vehicles to BVRLA Fair Wear & Tear standards, with any repairs carried out at a fixed cost.

Mileage monitor

Excess mileage penalties could apply when you exceed your contract mileage. Our mileage monitor is an effective way to avoid excess penalties and ensure maintenance throughout the leasing period. The service is simple, we'll take periodic readings from your drivers or during maintenance to feed into our system. This will alert us if you need to alter your agreed contract mileage for any of your lease cars or vans before its too late to do so, saving you any costly fees.

Concept Accident Assist

Accidents do happen and we can't predict the unpredictable...However, we can plan for what could happen in the event of an accident. If you've ever been involved in a road traffic accident - even a minor one, adrenalin kicks in and you start to think about all the things you need to do.

Safety first. Is everyone OK? What do I do next? Who do I call? Can I drive my vehicle? How do I arrange recovery and repair? So many questions....

At Concept Vehicle Leasing, we know this kind of event is both upsetting and stressful - which is why we provide every single customer with Concept Accident Assist - completely free of charge!