Insured Business Lease

The Complete Vehicle Solution

Total Care is a simple and inclusive solution to provide an insured leased vehicle.

What's included?

An insured leased vehicle covering the costs of repairs in the unfortunate event of an accident fire or theft and damage protection for all your glass requirements...

Fixed monthly rentals for up to 5 years. *

Own Damage Protection covering the cost of repairs in the event of accident, fire or theft

Glass Damage Protection for the repair and replacement of all body glass

3rd Party Liability Included

Shortfall Protection on your vehicle to bridge the gap of the finance in the event of a write off

Guaranteed Maintenance Cover to provide ease of budgeting and comprehensive servicing

Breakdown Assistance that includes a replacement vehicle for the first 48 hours

Accident Management providing a fast and efficient claims service

Motor Insurance Database (MID) updates throughout the life of the contract ensuring legal compliance and prevention of fines

Cover for Business or Personal Use

*Subject to fair usage policy

Why choose an insured leased vehicle?

Cover will start on the day of delivery, you can rest assured that this will continue right through to collection of the vehicle

By packaging together these products you will receive a complete and hassle-free approach for your vehicle needs that will save you time and money

You can have the certainty of a fixed monthly outgoing for all your vehicle costs in one consolidated place and at a competitive price for the duration of your vehicle's term (up to 5 years)

You will save time by not having to shop around for insurance renewal quotes

Our maintenance cover ensures that your vehicle is maintained and serviced regularly, and we also provide you with an extensive breakdown package, so you are never stranded

We don't have to wait for authorisation to repair your vehicle - significantly reducing your downtime and getting you back on the road quicker

In addition to new vehicles, you can add Total Care to an existing lease giving you full peace of mind

For Business Lease, Total Care utilises the tax and financial benefits of Contract Hire to enable you to reclaim the relevant VAT charges where appropriate

Please note that Total Care does not include Personal Injury and Personal Belongings for the Driver in the event of a fault claim

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