Include maintenance

Do you know your Phillips from your Allen's? If we asked for your PSI would you say you don't speak Greek?

If none of this is making any sense then we would strongly recommend adding maintenance onto your vehicle leasing contract. With Concept Vehicle Leasing you have the option to include service, maintenance and tyres within your vehicle lease agreement for a fixed monthly payment.

Controlling maintenance costs is a growing issue, as contract cars servicing and repair needs become more complex as technology advances. That's why many customers include maintenance when contract hire and leasing, rather than choosing to take on the responsibility and workload themselves.

How would I benefit from including maintenance?

  • Fixed monthly costs for scheduled and unscheduled servicing and maintenance.
  • All tyre replacements, subject to fair wear and tear. Puncture repair may be included on some contracts.
  • Contract cars are quality checked and downtime proactively managed and minimised by a technical team.
  • Budget your contract hire and leasing with confidence for all servicing and repairs.
  • Full support and management by a qualified technical team, supported by our dedicated 24/7 helpline.
  • Ensure the contract car or van meets the vehicle manufacturers warranty conditions.

Routine servicing and maintenance within the manufacturers guidelines will ensure your vehicle is safe, reliable and reduce the risk of incurring unforeseen and unnecessary charges during your contract hire leasing period, or on return of the vehicle.

All work will be carried out through our preferred network of suppliers and is supported by a dedicated 24 hour, 7 days a week, 365 days a year driver helpline. You can rest assured with technical experts as your dedicated point of contact who will manage your contract car and van maintenance throughout your contract.

What does a maintenance contract include?

Servicing and Repairs All scheduled and unscheduled servicing and repairs are included on contract cars and vans. Work is carried out by a nationwide network of approved suppliers who are carefully selected, quality controlled and fully managed by an expert Technical team.

Tyres can account for 50% of the cost of maintaining a vehicle, which can rise significantly for higher mileage users and for vehicles with upgraded wheels.

Brake Pads and Discs Costs associated with brake maintenance are often underestimated, especially when it comes to high mileage vehicles. Including maintenance covers replacements of all brake pads and discs.

Enhanced Breakdown and Recovery 24 hour, 7 days a week cover throughout the UK and is provided including: roadside repair and recovery.

How much does including maintenance cost?

Including maintenance is calculated based on the:

  • model of the vehicle
  • contract mileage
  • contract term

The cost is fixed for the duration of the contract of the contract hire leasing period. This means you can take advantage of today's pricing of labour, parts and tyres. This helps to future proof your lease against the potential for rising costs.

Below are 3 indicative examples of the expected wear and tear costs if you were to purchase maintenance separately.

The table below is indicative of the comparison between Maintenance exclusive and Maintenance inclusive costs per month (based on the term and mileage for each vehicle as noted above).