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Risk Management Fleet Risk Management

  • When it comes to running a small fleet there are so many things to think about:
  • How to I achieve the best deal for my business? 
  • What’s the best car or van in terms of value for money? 
  • How do I keep maintenance costs down?
  • What’s the best model to choose for fuel economy?
  • How do I lower the cost and burden of taxation?

The one question which is often either overlooked, or much lower down the list of priorities, is how do I ensure my company vehicles and drivers are safe and legal?


Driving on business is typically the most dangerous activity an employer ever asks an employee to undertake on behalf of the business.

One third of all deaths on UK roads occur during “at work” journeys


Many employers are unwittingly at risk and exposed due to their failure to manage “Occupational Road Risk” (ORR) and fulfil their Duty of Care responsibilities and comply with the current HSE “Driving at work” Guidelines

It’s vital that businesses take proactive action to ensure that employees who are driving on company business are kept safe and the employing company is fully legally compliant.

The law is the same regardless of fleet size, and includes all employees who drive on company business – even if they are using their own car.


In partnership with multi-award winning risk management provider, Applied Driving Techniques, Concept Vehicle Leasing are able to support clients with the following services:

  • Comprehensive Policy, Process and Employer Compliance Audit
  • Annual Driving Licence Checking Process
  • Annual Driver specific “Duty of Care” Risk Assessment Process
  • Annual validation of all “Grey Fleet” documentation
  • Annual regular Maintenance and Servicing Audit
  • Online and face to face Driver Training

Key Benefits

  • You’ll benefit from a legally compliant employee “Business Driver Population”
  • Financial Benefits with cost reduction associated with reducing accidents.
  • Employees driving on company business are kept as safe as possible
  • Peace of Mind – ADT will proactively manage risk on your behald
  • Protection of your Corporate Reputation with an enhanced CSR profile

To find out more about how Concept Vehicle Leasing can assist with Risk Management and Electronic Driver Licence checking, call the team today on 0800 043 2050.

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