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Specialist Lending

Specialist LendingThe impact of the so called “Credit Crunch” has had a profound effect on the availability of credit and finance to businesses – particularly those who operate in the SME sector.

Banks and financial institutions have merged/integrated or withdrawn products.  The impact of this has not just been isolated to the traditional overdraft or bank loan – all financial sectors have seen an impact, including Car and Van Leasing and Contract Hire.

Even larger companies have seen their “Credit Lines” reduced or withdrawn, which has affected their ability to borrow from one bank – or to fund their entire vehicle fleet through one particular leasing company.

However – it’s not all “Doom and Gloom” – there is a solution.  At Concept Vehicle Leasing, we operate with a panel of different banks and financiers – which include some of the bigger banks, but also a number of smaller independent providers.  It’s true that where one bank or lender decides not to support an application, it could be that another will accept.

Concept Vehicle Leasing has a huge amount of experience in this field, plus the relationships to obtain funding where others may fail.  This doesn’t mean we’ll be able to fund those who may have “adverse” credit, but simply that we have had proven success with cases where the big banks don’t want to know.

Give our experience team a call if you:

  • Have struggled to obtain funding for your entire fleet through one bank or leasing company
  • Are unhappy with additional “Terms” or “Security” imposed to fund your business vehicles
  • Have recently gone through changes within your business, such as a “Management Buy-out” or change of ownership
  • Are ultimately owned by a Parent Company based outside of the UK
  • Your business is newly established (traded for more than 3 months), but you have good cashflow

The above list is just a guide, and is not exhaustive.  Our advice is free and we’ll be pleased to help, so pick up the phone and discuss your particular circumstances.  All we ask is that you are open and honest, and to let us know if you do have adverse credit – just so we can manage your expectations.

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